BASIK PRO SET, Zubehör für Streichinstrument from Schertler.

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phraseland 11/12/2008

Schertler BASIK PRO SET: Produktbewertung von phraseland (content in English)


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This is the budget version of the Schertler Dyn Pickup. I own both of them and even though the more expesive one costs almost three times as much I do like the Basik better.
The version I am describing comes with a special 'goo' which attaches the microphone to the top of the instrument and can very easily be removed again. In this PRO model the power is supplied via phantom power (a DI Box is included that changes the currency from 48V to 10V). If you don't have a mixing board or amp that delivers such a currency then buy the other Basik model. There you will get a battery pack instead - everything else is identical.

These pickups are very easily installed and have a pretty high output. I have used mine for all types of acoustic guitars. But they really can be used for many different applications. I once recorded a Cajon with it...or try it on a Cello! The reason why I like these better than their more expensive cousins is because it is a lot easier to get a good sound quickly. The Dyn pickups don't sound so open right away and the placing and EQ settings are a little time consuming. Don't get me wrong - they sound great but for live applications I have grown to love the Basik pickups.
They could have constructed the battery pack better (give it a clip) and maybe they could have supplied the musician with a pouch or something. The carton box just doesn't cut it.