Yamaha MOTIF ES6
Yamaha MOTIF ES6

MOTIF ES6, Workstation from Yamaha in the MOTIF series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Yamaha MOTIF ES6: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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To me there really isn't anything missing!

Price paid



The machine itself wasn't hard to use. This is coming from someone that is new to producing.I think that everything is somewhat easy to figure out and the manual isn't bad.

Well I just purchase the motif es6 so, so far so good!!


I'm somewhat new to this whole producer thing but, I'm not new to the music industry in a whole. As far as buying a workstation the motif es6 is great. The sounds on this machine go great with the type of music that my partners ,and myself produce. That type of music would be hip hop r&b ,and rock alternative. Honestly, I believe that all the top three workstation have something good to offer it really comes down to what you want. I did alot of research before I purchased this machine ,and it seems that what one machine may offer the other doesn't. So therefore it really comes down to you. Because if the person behind the machine is no good it really doesn't matter what you buy!


Well honestly I wouldn't say I love the motif but, I like it alot. I mean damn I just spent damn near two grand on it. Really I hope that my motif ,and all of my other equipment that I use an my other producers equipment they use. Can just some how get us to the damn promise land. What I mean by that is the next level. So do I love the motif, well only time will tell.....

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Posted by: Unknown ( 2-, 2005)