Yamaha MO6
Yamaha MO6

MO6, Workstation from Yamaha.

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stompboxjon 13/06/2012

Yamaha MO6: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)


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Though I don’t own the MO6 anymore I still remember all of the cool songs that I made when I had it. The MO6 by Yamaha is extremely easy to use, really no navigation skills are needed because all of the butons are labeled and its pretty self explanatory. The MO 6 has just 61 keys and I chose this one over the bigger board because it was cheaper. The price of the MO6 now is still pretty high brand new and even used they are still expensive. I don’t understand why they are still so expensive considering the fact that Yamaha has released so many other workstations since this one so you would think they would come down on the price some. But they don’t and that’s why it jus sits on the shelves at local stores because for the price of this you mine as well dump out a few hundred more and get the MOTIF XS board used and its way better and more advanced than the MO line by Yamaha is.


Set up is easy, configuration was simple. No need for a manual if you understand basics of workstations. It only took me about 1 hour or so to really understand all of the functions of the MO6 so I never needed to even take the manual out of the plastic. Using effects are simple and they also have some pretty good ones though. I never really used the MO6 to sequence with though, I guess you could say I just got it for the sounds.


Sounds are good, love the brass and some of the pads


Overall, don’t get this unless you get it at a really good price, if you have to save up and just get the motif xs61. It will be way better than the MO6 will ever be.