Korg Karma
Korg Karma

Karma, Workstation from Korg.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg Karma: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Combining full integration of complete midi implementation and sequencing technology provided by Korg, allows for limitless accessibility to the latest techniques used in creating fresh grooves. Smothering the competition with ingenuity from Stephen Kay and his K.A.R.M.A. design has led electronic music into a technological revolution. When utilizing the Karma feature, one can create artistic note series compositions that have all the depth that can be provided by the most current technological advances in sequencing and live effects processing. If you are looking for inspiration, the Karma can provide a comprehensive look into what is possible with music and technology.

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The Karma general architecture follows the Korg Triton structure. The sequencer is easy to use and provides a “Compare” function to completely undue any operation (recording or editing) that you didn’t like. The editing menu helps you structure your composition by providing a “Copy and Paste” type environment. The manuals are complete and comprehensive and are divided into sections that help focus the subject matter. The Karma is a sophisticated element that requires time and attention to master all of its advanced properties and applications; so if your interested gaining a new perspective into the possibilities of music production, this keyboard is for you.

This Keyboard is definetly a must for those that are trying to pust the limits in live audio production.


2 PCM card slots allow great possibilities for expanding your Wavetable library. The sounds provided on the internal board are dynamically stunning and include every genre of music, and more. Using Alternate Modulation Sources enables you complete control over the program (instrument) timbre. Each program has complete dynamics control over the sound and can be manipulated via MIDI.


I believe that the Karma has exponentially developed my ability to create intricately designed sound gardens of a pure Electronica. I can’t wait to see what the team of engineers at the Karma Lab is dreaming up next.

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Posted by: Unknown (January 2-, 2003)