Korg Karma
Korg Karma

Karma, Workstation from Korg.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Korg Karma: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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The main reason I purchased the Korg Karma was for the "Karma" feature which allows the user to create totally new sequences with the karma. The karma has about 1050 different GE(Generated Effects) for ex. it has about 20 diffierent types of arpeggios which sound great on pianos and strings and their synth basses! As far as what might be missing I would say it is really a function of the O.S. and Karma O.S.v2.0 is about to drop and from the user group the O.S. is going to be a beast!

Price paid



Wow, usability huh? Well, about a week after I had purchased the karma( ebay) I was about to throw it out of the window! The learning curve is a not even a curve it is a perfectly vertical wall! I think the karma is a wonderful machine and it exposes a lot of configuration possibilities to the user which makes it a wonderful tool for experienced users and very intimidating to newbies.

No, i've never had to contact any user support. I am not a keyboardist much less a keyboardist for any band so I can't speak to using the karma live. The reviews i've read from live giggers though really blast the feel of the keys and the like. I can't play piano so all the keys feel the same to me so weighted keys are not a selling point for me when picking a keyboard.


I like the sounds, I have a proteus 2000 and I was really impressed by the warmth of the sounds on the proteus 2000 but the karma didn't dissappoint either! Its' sounds are not as warm( i think personally) but they are diverse enough and are generally very strong in timbre that what they may lack in warmth they make up in uniqueness.


Awwwwww, the karma is my baby, we've been through many a night in the studio. I would say that the karma is M16 of the electronica musican: a trusty machine that always produces results!
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