Steinberg Groove Agent 3
Steinberg Groove Agent 3

Groove Agent 3, Virtuelles Schlagzeug/Perkussion from Steinberg in the Groove Agent series.

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sw80 02/03/2013

Steinberg Groove Agent 3: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"Love it"

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Groove Agent 3 has two new pieces called the Special Agent and the Percussion Agent. The Special Agent has a very real studio drummer to your song or set up and some really good acoustic drum kits. The Percussion Agent is more for the grooves, beats, and patterns. But the ability to create all of my drum needs in Groove Agent 3 has been awesome!


Installing Groove Agent 3 worked well with my Mac that has 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of HD space. I am running a G5 2 GHZ system that has dual core processing. It has never crashed or caused any problems on my Mac and on my PC running Windows 7 it runs good, but not as fast as it does on my Mac probably due to the 1 GB of RAM on my Windows 7.


I have reached out to Steinberg many times for support issues and they have always helped me without any charge. This program is very easy to use and operate and the interface is easy to work with and it is no confusing. All of the sounds are of great quality and has that “real” drummer feel to it with the patterns and kits. I have many drum programs, and the reason that Groove Agent 3 is different is because it has a smoother more user friendly interface and great kits to go along with it. Also it comes with enough kits (without having to purchase expansions) to cover all of my styles of music that I create.
The fills and effects are very good and I recommend purchasing Groove Agent 3 for that alone. The humanized effects are a joy to work with and the price of this plug in makes it a must have in my book. It works perfectly and does not crash at all.