PowerFX Miracle Beats
PowerFX Miracle Beats

Miracle Beats, Virtuelles Schlagzeug/Perkussion from PowerFX.

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sw80 02/03/2013

PowerFX Miracle Beats: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"Download the free version then upgrade to the paid for 100 dollars"

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I have been using Miracle Beats since 2005 and used it a lot up until about 2007. It comes with a sample CD and plug in VST that has over 5,000 samples that can be used freely. There are also over 500 drum loops that come with it. I would time stretch any of the loops that it had that I liked and add it to my own compositions. All of the samples and sounds are royalty free so they can be used without any copy write problems.


Miracle beats is a free plug in that can still be downloaded online. Being that I have already used almost all of the samples I really don’t use them anymore. There are 4 stereo outputs for snare, percussion, and basses. You can change all of the grooves very quickly as well too to fit what you are making at the time.


The sound processing with these samples is very high quality all from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz. You can run these samples on any machine and in any program or DAW. Everything can be edited or changed in real time and can be easily quantized. I recommend this mainly because it is free and will add to your drum packs. I downloaded this straight from powerfx.com and I am pretty sure they still have it available.It does not take long to download even though there are a lot of files. They do have a paid version that can be purchased for 100 dollars which I ended up purchasing about a year after downloading the free version. The paid version has a lot more sounds and a sample to use but the free version is just as good in my opinion. I have used it in FL Studio, Cubase, and even Ableton a few times depending on the project I am working on.