DSound RT Player
DSound RT Player
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stompboxjon 23/10/2012

DSound RT Player: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"good when it first came out but now the drivers have issues"

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The RT Player has all of the features you need for your VST and VSTi plug-ins to be used in a studio or even in a live situation. It has 128 memory locations and a player for simultaneous back ground sound. It has a built in Limiter and over 12 FX effects are included with the RT Player. Setting it up is not really easy because there are lot of known issues with compatibility and drivers. So installing the RT Player could throw you for a loop when trying to get it running on your system. When it came out it was about 120 euros, I am not sure what it is going for now but I have been using it since 2004 and still do sometimes but because of the compatibility issues with newer systems it makes it almost impossible to use because you can not trust it any more in a live setting.


Though the RT player is compatible for Windows and PC systems it is very difficult to know if it will work with a newer system. I have had several issues with running RT Player on a Windows Vista and Windows 7 machine so I had to just stop using it all together because it was too much of a hassle. But when it first came out it worked great on my Windows XP computer!
The effects that come with it where a huge bonus back then, with distortion, Reverb , BPM Delay, Auto Pan, Phaser, Tremolo, Flanger and a few others.


The RT Player is ASIO ready, your PCI cards, FireWire and USB interfaces will have a latency of less then 10 ms which was great back then because your live performances really needed the RT Player but now you just can not trust it because I have not seen them come out with new updates and drivers.