Art Teknika CONSOLE 1.2
Art Teknika CONSOLE 1.2

CONSOLE 1.2, Virtuelles Rack/Host für Plug-in from Art Teknika.

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theaudioandvideoguy 25/07/2012

Art Teknika CONSOLE 1.2: Produktbewertung von theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"Chainer is better"

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The Art Teknika Console was purchased by me back in 2005 and I actually still have it loaded until this day on one of my computers though I don’t use it much any more because I have a different program that I use now. But I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t have some sort of a built in sampler or synth with it. That almost made me not want to use it has much. The overall layout of the program isn’t very efficient to me at all. It seems like everything is just stuffed all in once space, it think they could have spent more time making the layout more usable or testing it out on some people and getting some feedback first before they put it out and started to sell it. Back when this came out they where competing with a few other very similar programs, and in my opinion now looking back those other programs where probably better than this one. Not that Art Teknika Console was bad or I regret the purchase. It just seemed like it wasn’t well though out before they released it.


Installing it was easy, and caused no problems (on a pc) I am not sure about installation on a mac or even how it will run on a mac if it can. At that time I didn’t have my mac yet to try and test it out.


In my opinion this is a good useful tool . But if you are really looking to get the best similar software you are probably better off going with Chainer. You will get more for your money without a doubt, and you will be set and satisfied and wont have anything to complain about. Purchasing this Teknika Console left me feeling like I needed more until I used Chainer and everything was fine at that point. I choose Chainer over Art Teknika.