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stompboxjon 06/07/2012

Wizoo Sound Design Latigo: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"worth the money you should try it"

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The Wizoo Latigo is a virtual percussion plug in that has been out for a few years, I remember using it around 2005 and I did enjoy using it after seeing an ad online about it. Then I went to the website and found a trial version of the software to use, plus the price of it wasn’t to bad, but I still didn’t purchase right away. I used the demo for a while and joined the mailing list, joining mailing list for gear is a great trick to get discounts on new gear because they sound out coupon codes and stuff to all the mailing list subscribers almost weekly. I think they where having a end of summer sale and that’s when I purchased it and got it 40 percent of retail.

One of the exciting things that I really enjoyed about Wizoo Latigo is that it has a mixing and editing section. Like a whole different page opens up and you can get into depth with mixing and editing your drums. You didn’t have to just do it in your sequencer or daw, or way till you tracked It out. You could do it right on board with the Wizoo Latigo, it also has a high ram function if I remember correctly. It will used a lot more of your ram and cpu but it will give you a better sounding drum quality. You really cant tell that its using more ram and cpu though so you don’t have to worry about it.

This was a great tool that I used and still own. It has 24 styles and each style can have 1 to 14 different tracks. So you can see how you can really get into depth in this vst. Creating your own kits and get rocking, you will love the Wizoo Latigo, most online stores don’t sell it anymore though that’s something I noticed. So im not sure where you can still purchase it at but its worth it if you find it.