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4Front TruePianos
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moosers 17/09/2010

4Front TruePianos: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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4Front's TruePianos is software for acoustic piano emulation inside the box. I'd be the first out there to say that acoustic pianos are the hardest to emulate in the world of digital synthesis and acoustic instrument emulations, so I'm as skeptical as anyone, but this software is really quite good. It's available for both Windows and Mac platforms and can be used in just about all DAWs. I don't own this software, so I wasn't involved at all with installing it so I'll have to skip this portion of the product, but I will say that I'm not aware of any issues that it might have had. There is definitely a whole lot to using TruePianos, as there is an endless world of possibilities. You could definitely sit there for hours tweaking your sound, which I guess is both a blessing and curse (mostly a blessing for our sake though). I've really only scratched the surface when it comes to experimenting and tweaking the sounds here, as it does give you some pretty good preset starting points to work from. There are a few different screens to navigate through, as you've got the interface with the virtual piano itself, and then a screen of many parameters and presets to choose from. While some sound better than others, in general I'm a big fan of the way these pianos sound as they are some of the most realistic that I've used. The other one that is in the same boat is Ivory, which also sounds great. However, TruePianos is less expensive and seems to have more control. While it's definitely not a replacement for the beautiful sound you'll get with a real grand piano, it's close enough where it's worth having around for times when you can't use a real one.