Smartelectronix Asynth [Donationware]
Smartelectronix Asynth [Donationware]

Asynth [Donationware], Virtueller Subtraktiver Synthesizer from Smartelectronix.

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AlanForPresident 10/09/2012

Smartelectronix Asynth [Donationware]: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"Free Download and Solid Sound"

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It feels like I have had SmartelElectronix Asynth forever now, it has probably been about 5 years since I first installed it on my laptop at the time, it was just a simple Dell laptop but Asynth worked great on it. Everything with this Freeware VST was very easy to use and setting it up only took a few seconds at the most. I don’t every remember it giving me any issues or freezes when using it. Asynth is a 6 voice analog synth that has 2 oscillators and about 3 or 4 different filters. If you are looking for some really good analog presets then don’t bother loading this onto your computer though, because you wont find good presets here. If you want good analog sounds you will have to mold them yourself.


Asynth works great, and it is a very small VST. It downloads fast and installs into your VST folder really fast. There is no learning curve with it and nothing to worry about. You will be able to use it right away. The sound quality (if you know what you are doing) is very good, it can actually be a good analog VST to start on if you want to get into learning to work with Analog sound.


SmartelElectronix Asynth is completely free though I am not sure where to download it from now, but back when it came out you could download it directly from the Smartelelectronix website. I have never used any other Vst from SmartelElectronix and I am not sure if they have came out with any other ones or even a newer version of Asynth. The only thing about Asynth that I didn’t like is the interface, it is really dull and boring. I wish it had a little more spice to it to bring the VST to life and make it easy to look at while you use it. But that’s not really that important. It works great and sounds great, that’s all that matters.