GForce Software GForce Minimonsta
GForce Software GForce Minimonsta

GForce Minimonsta, Virtueller Subtraktiver Synthesizer from GForce Software.

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AlanForPresident 07/06/2012

GForce Software GForce Minimonsta: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"buy it"

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The Mini Monsta is a virtual subtractive synth that sounds amazing and it really surprised me on how good the sounds actually where. It is very powerful and you can do all types of stuff with the sounds and you will have full control over how they sound. All of the sounds are really good quality and you can tell that the developers took time in developing the patches and wanted to put out a great product that we could all use for a long time.


It is a very stable program, most Gmedia plug ins are and I have never had an issue with them and I have used them on so many different operating systems and from pc to macs. They always work great and so will the MiniMonsta. It did take some time for it to set up in my system though, a lot longer than I expected it to take. But after it finally got installed and all the patches where loaded then I started to mess around with it and no manual was needed to get started. I just had to get the feel of how to edit the sounds but it was the same as it is in most other software's.


I have used it for years now and im not sure if they have upgraded it or not but if they havent that’s ok with me because I can keep using this and just keep changing the sounds and making them sound different every time. I have used the same preset probably 100 plus times and make it sound different every time then eq it a little bit and get it sitting good in my mix. I love it and it works for me, I am glad that I made the purchase and got this many years ago and still use it today.