AudioRealism Bass Line
AudioRealism Bass Line

Bass Line, Virtueller Subtraktiver Synthesizer from AudioRealism.

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AlanForPresident 07/06/2012

AudioRealism Bass Line: Produktbewertung von AlanForPresident (content in English)

"if you have the money"

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This virtual synth is focused just on BassLines, and it does it very well. At first glance I didn’t think that It would be able to produced real authentic sound baselines but boy what I wrong. It can produced great baselines of all different styles and they are very good quality not a bunch of muddy low end stuff that you have to cut out. They have put a lot of time into developing this Bass Line plug in and that’s probably why it cost so much. For just this little bass line plug in you can purchase a full vst plug in with thousands of sounds. I don’t feel they made the price of this affordable for the everyday up and coming musicians. It is way overpriced in my opinion. I have even seen freewares that are similar to this, maybe not the same quality but they can work good enough rather than spend that much on this.


I have used this several times on a friends system with was an iMac using garage band and logic 8. It seemed to run perfect and didn’t have any issues with freezing or lagging. I didn’t install it so I don’t know how long it took to install but I imagine it couldn’t take too long because its not a very big vst and doesn’t have a lot of different sounds that would take forever to load.


It’s a great baseline vst, but the price made me not even want to purchase it. I did have the chance to use it though that’s how I know it was good. But purchasing it wont happen because of the price is just too much. If they could bring the price down, or maybe they have by now then I would think about it but for now I will use the cheaper software and just cut out the muddy sounds.