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BeyondR 10/01/2013

MOTU BPM: Produktbewertung von BeyondR (content in English)


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BPM (Beat Production Machine) is compatible with Windows Xp ,Vista , 7 and Mac OSX.
I haven't encountered any problems regarding the help manual, everything is pretty well explained and the functions are easily accessible.
The general configuration is great,everything works fast and the interface easy to follow and use.


The software performs well without using a lot of cpu resources and it provides some great balance between the human touch and the pc programming of the drums.

The gear is very stable, I hadn't had any errors working with it.
I've been using for about 1 month, and I gotta admit it works very well , I've used this machine more in my pop , rock composition.


What I like most about it is the feel that this drum induce which are some classic drum machines of the 80's and 90's.

I like a lot the library provided with it, which consists on 15 gb of pure drums , it has a drum machine-style operation with advanced virtual instrument that allows your creativity to reach a higher level.

This product has over 10,000 individual samples , over 1,000 new drum and percussion loops that have a 24-bit 96 kHz audio quality.

It also contains over 200 drum kits + patterns , over 100 urban multi-sampled instruments , some great comprehensive percussion samples, patterns and loops.

Another great aspect of this product is that is has 64 pads per scene , great controls to mute , solo , change velocity , etc .

My opinion about the value of price is very good , this product comes with a vast library that allows to make something unique and it costs only 300 $.

Knowing what I know, I would buy this product because it's one of the best drum sequencing I have ever tried.