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AudioArtist 19/09/2012

Korg DS-10: Produktbewertung von AudioArtist (content in English)


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The Korg DS-10 software cartidge made for the Nintendo DS platform is an amazing tool for EDM composers.
Obviously there will be no compatability issues since it's made for Nintendo DS and it's a DS cartidge. It's that simple, plug and play.
The manual is sufficient to briefly describe the available functions but if you are not familiar or comfortable with synth modeling then the learning curve is as steep as a brick wall.
All of the controls are fairly easy to access once you have familiarized yourself with them and the overall workflow. Again, if you are new to synth modeling you would benefit hugely by searching for some online tutorials, perhaps a forum group, or to get a friend who is comfortable with synth to guide and help you along.


The DS-10 software is plug and play with any Nintendo DS system and it is as stable as it could possibly be. You may encounter some quirks in the programming but I assure you that you'll have to REALLY stretch the limits of the program before any obvious negative effects occur. In other words, if you really know how to work a synth then, yes you can create certain sounds or certain patching situations that may either produce unwanted artifacts or strain the processor inside your DS. I've been using the DS-10 software for about 3 years now and I love it!


The Korg DS-10 software is an emulation of the classic Korg MonoSynth, and so much more. This is not a "game" nor a "toy". The DS-10 is an incredibly powerful, in your pocket, music production tool.
First off, you get not one but 6 monosynth emulations in one! If you have the DS-i and a copy of the DS-10+ software double that number!
The first two synths are changeable in real-time, one knob at a time. The remaining four are for the drum pads and a stored a samples for the pads and are not adjustable in real-time. Again, double these numbers for the DS-10+ ver. used on a DS-i or better.
Like any of the classic modeling synths the full scope of sounds that can be created with the DS-10 software is staggering. Drum sounds, horn sounds, string sounds, classic fat distorted synth sounds, ambient sounds, you name it! If you have the skill to create them within the synth and the patience to coax these sounds out of the software there is a nearly unlimited number of sounds you can create. Some of my own creations that I am proud of are an upright bass sound, a vibra-slap, all of my drums, strange echoed distorted guitar etc.
An in-depth examination of classic synthesis would be required to truly tell you everything that this software can do, and that would be a book, a big one.
Not only do you have these powerful modeling synths at your fingertips or stylus-tip, you also get a pattern based sequencer with 16 patterns per song with variable tempo and time signature; You also get a song mode to arrange these patterns, a virtual mixer, built in effects, and a Kaos Pad!!
As I've said the depth of the possibilties with the DS-10 is amazing. Just search around, there are many EDM artists out there making killer tracks using just a DS and the DS-10 software.
The overall sound quality is very good. Huge, rediculous bass is attainable and startlingly clear high end sounds are also within reach as well. There is some aliasing and a very small amount of static aparent at times. These are limitations of the DS's capability to handle audio and not the software 95% of the time.
Price vs. value, My Goodness!! What you get with this software is absolutely amazing. I could see this fetching 100$+ and would still call it a deal. But, you can get it so much cheaper than that!
For the Nintendo DS system there is NOTHING like this, there are alot of really good synth and sequencing programs for PC and MAC, but nothing like this for a portable handheld. Period.