IK Multimedia SampleTron
IK Multimedia SampleTron

SampleTron, Virtueller Klangerzeuger from IK Multimedia.

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songboy 21/01/2009

IK Multimedia SampleTron: Produktbewertung von songboy (content in English)


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Actually, for some reason I had to place the files in the correct area manually which was very confusing, but I eventually figured it out and I am by no means a computer tech. I have a macbook and besides the misplaced sound bank, no compatibility issues. Again, with the soundbank issue aside, this is a fairly easy plugin to use. The manual didn't help with the soundbank issue but did have some great history on the instruments. That was a nice touch.


I have a macbook with 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, and I use a Presonus Firebox/Firepod as my interface and Logic 8 as my DAW. So far, everything works great and sounds amazing! I would give this a 10 in performance. The sounds are immaculate and the ability to combine any patches from any of the built in instruments is so much fun. So far, no crashes or glitches, just good old fashioned samples.


I have been using the sampletron for about three weeks. What do I like most? Everything about this plugin rocks! The patches are amazing! I have never played or been in the same room while one of the sampled instruments has been played, but I have recognized the "real deals" on older recordings. With that said, I feel this program does an amazing job reproducing those sounds. There are choirs, flutes, violins, sample options (drum loops, horns, bass etc.). Like I mentioned earlier, you can combine patches from the different instruments to make awesome custom sounds. I had tried the M-audio Gforce Mellotron demo, but wasn't really amazed. The IK Multi though definitely wowed me. It can be hard to justify a couple hundred dollars for a program that just emulates a few instruments, but If you love the mellotron/chamberlain sound but can't afford the real deal (wicked rare and wicked expensive) than a few hundred bucks isn't that bad. I would definitely make the same choice again. This program will really spice up your tunes as well as makes a great performing instrument. The flute patches are so awesome and you can make some amazing textured pads with the combination features and a volume pedal and delay pedal. I always get compliments when i use this live.