Rob Papen SubBoomBass
Rob Papen SubBoomBass

SubBoomBass, Virtueller Hybrid Synthesizer from Rob Papen.

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PaulyPaul 16/10/2012

Rob Papen SubBoomBass: Produktbewertung von PaulyPaul (content in English)

"All the bass you will ever need"

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Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass is a VST that has a built in 16 step sequencer and is compatible with both PC’s and Mac’s. the SubBoomBass VST will give your music that much needed low end to fill it out. The interface is very user friendly but can be overwhelming at first due to all the knobs and sliders/parameters that are there for you to mess with and tweak. Also the step sequencer took some time to get the hang of because it was unlike any of the other step sequencers that I was using at the time. It did come with a manual that was easy to understand, and I am glad that it was easy because I had to refer to it several times until I was ready to use SubBoomBass all on my own and fully understand its functions.


Installing it was simple and only took a few minutes. It has never crashed on my Windows XP machine using it with Cubase, Reason, and FL Studio. It has not even made my system slow at all. You can use it simultaneously and it still will not cause any problems as long as you have a Pentium 4 processor or faster on a PC or 1.5GHz or faster on a Mac. You do need to have at least a 10.4 OS on Mac or higher in order for SubBoomBass to work properly.


I was looking for an affordable bass VST that can give me different options and the ability to fully edit each Bass sound. I wanted a VST that was made just for Bass purposes and I found this one. It has some really good out of the box presets that you can use right away dry with no effects and be happy with it. But once you dig deep and understand how to work this VST you will have infinite possibilities with your Bass sounds from here on out.