Rob Papen Predator
Rob Papen Predator

Predator, Virtueller Hybrid Synthesizer from Rob Papen.

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stompboxjon 05/07/2012

Rob Papen Predator: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"very good synths and sounds , love the bass"

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The Rob Papen Predator is pretty easy to use and get use to. It really didn’t remind me of any other type of vst while I was using this last year. I really don’t use it much anymore because I have pretty much ran through all of the presets multiple times so I have kind of put this aside for now.


Predator runs great, and it really ran good on my vista , mac and xp laptop. I had no compatibility issues no matter which system I chose to run this on. You can run it multipe times to without it causing any errors or crashing on you. I havent really created my own presets on it yet, that’s probably the reason that I don’t really use it much anymore. I think creating your own presets is simple too, and the price of this vst is very respectable and affordable. Most vst that are of this caliber go for way more money than this does.


Sounds are awesome and I have no complaints about them, there is a lot of potential with your music and creativity when using the Rob Papen Predator vst plug in. I love all of the synths a basses, everything seems to sound really fat and rich. All of the basses are full and deep type of basses that can really expand your frequency ratio in your songs. It will really fill out your music when using the basslines in Rob Papen Predator. I am still curious to know if they plan on coming out with a part 2 or an upgrade to this vst. It would be great if they could add some more synths from the developers. I think the developers of Rob Papen Predator did a heck of a job when creating the preset sounds in this vst.