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stompboxjon 06/07/2012

Rob Papen Blue: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"a must use vst"

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Blue by Rob Papen is another installment from Rob Papen and it is classic. There is no way that you wouldn’t like this vst plug in, there just so many different sounds and patches to choose from and use its really amazing. All of the sounds are pretty well made, and nice and thick. Not those thin weak synths that most vst’s come with now a days.


Installing this took a little longer than I expected from using other Rob Papen plug ins. The other ones that I have used didn’t take that long at all to install, but maybe this one took longer because it’s a much bigger vst with a heck of a lot more patches to load into your computer. I did run into some small issues trying to figure some things out with Blue. But I have downloaded a copy of the digital manual when I purchased the software. The price is pretty high though, so don’t expect to get it for cheap. You can still purchase Rob Papen Blue now and its years after it has come out, I really don’t even think they have done any upgrades or edits to it. Or atleast I never got an email from them saying so , so I guess the first time they put it out it worked great.


The patches are definitely the best thing about this software, also the in program effects. There arent a lot of effects or any effects that will really blow your mind but they will go great with some of the sounds that Blue has. I have been using blue for about 4 years now and still continue to use it off and on depending on what style of song I am producing. I am so happy that I purchased this when it first came out. You will have no issues installing it on your system and you will love the workflow of it. It is a must have for any computer musician.