Image Line Sytrus
Image Line Sytrus
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stompboxjon 05/07/2012

Image Line Sytrus: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"came with my fl studio"

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Image Line’s Sytrus is a pretty cool vst. After purchasing Fl Studio many years ago I was very curious on how some of the built in synths and plug ins would sound. So I started digging through them, come to find out I got Sytrus free in FL Studio. I though that it actually came with the software normally but it didn’t. I purchased some sort of a bundle from FL Studio and didn’t even know that I did it and got a few vst plug ins with the program itself. I am not sure if you can use Sytrus as a stand alone but I don’t think so and im not even sure if it can be used in any other software besides Fl Studio.


It can start to cause some problems if your ram and cpu arent up to par. I have used it a few times a several different machines and some of them just cant handle the plug in, it will start to lag and cause problems with Asio sound drivers. Also, im not sure how long the program actually takes to load because it loaded with fl studio and not separate so I only know the load time of the whole fl studio . But when loading sytrus into a channel its pretty quick and instant no matter what machine you are on.


Sytrus is worth the buy if you are looking for some good sounds, Sytrus comes with a lot of presets which is why I like it a lot. But once it gets into editing those sounds I run away. I can only edit sounds in certain vst set ups. Sytrus’s set up was pretty different and the layout was confusing.

Overall, not a bad vst. I think it would be better for me if it could be used in many other programs or as a stand alone.