IK Multimedia Total Workstation XL
IK Multimedia Total Workstation XL

Total Workstation XL, Virtuelle Instrumentsammlung from IK Multimedia.

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sw80 18/12/2012

IK Multimedia Total Workstation XL: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"Sonik Synth 2 and Miroslav Philharmonic "

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IK Multimedia has always come out with stable programs, that was one of the reasons it was a no brainer for me to purchase this Total Workstation. I knew right up front what I was going to get from this company. This package comes with Sample Tank, Sonic Synth 2, Philharmonic, Sample Tron and Sample Moog.


Miroslav Philharmonic is absolutely amazing, I have used it before purchasing this and it was also one of the reasons that persuaded me to purchase the IK Multimedia Total Workstation XL. Sonik Synth 2 comes loaded with a great amount of synths that you can use right way, the presets are some of the best out and they don’t need much tweaking (if you don’t want to tweak). Now Sample Moog is suppose to be “moog like” but I was not a fan of it because to me nothing is like a real Moog except a real Moog.


There are over 5 thousand sounds with this Workstation, you will get some vintage sounds and even some up to date synths. It does come with some drums/percussion but I was not a fan of it because I felt like most of the drums felt really thin and not rich enough for my music. All of these plug-ins have been very stable on my PC. I have not had a crash or a freeze, some of them mainly the presets in Sonik Synth 2 can get a little heavy on your CPU at times especially if it is a preset that has a lot of effects on it. This workstation also comes with an extra 15 gigs of Xpansion Tank Instruments. My favorite parts of this package are Miroslav Philharmonic for the strings and Sonik Synth 2 for everything else. These two plug-ins alone are worth the whole price of this package from IK Multimedia.