Cakewalk Studio Instruments
Cakewalk Studio Instruments

Studio Instruments, Virtuelle Instrumentsammlung from Cakewalk.

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stompboxjon 06/07/2012

Cakewalk Studio Instruments: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)


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CakeWalks Studio Instruments is a bundle that you can purchase at an affordable rate. You will get some really good electric keyboard sounds as well as some drum sounds. I really wasn’t too happy with the strings for some reason because using all of my orchestra vst’s have spoiled me and now I look down apon most vst’s that have strings, but are fully focused on creating orchestra sounds. I feel the strings down sound authentic and they sound like plastic and cheap. But this bundle is worth the buy and you will get so man cool new sounds to mess with.

The drum program, isn’t the best in my opinion they could have spent some more time developing and recording some good sounding drums and kicks and toms. The kicks do not feel real to me so I never use the kicks. Also, the The bass instruments could use some polishing as well. They are not the type of basses that I like dealing with and love the sound of.

All of the interfaces are very easy to understand and operate, you will have no problem getting use to using the Studio Instruments bundle. Overall, don’t expect to get great quality sounds and patches at a price that you are going to pay to have this Studio Instruments bundle. I have not tried to use this bungle on my mac because of all of the bad things that I have heard when trying to do so. I will keep it right on my pc and be happy. I really don’t use it that much though because I don’t fee like that the quality is great, I have much better sounding instruments. Also I have much better sound instruments on some free vst’s. So don’t ask why I purchased this? Its ok though I guess if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.