VSL Vienna Dimension Strings
VSL Vienna Dimension Strings

Vienna Dimension Strings, Virtual strings ensemble from VSL.

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Hesam Seyed Mousavi 28/10/2012

VSL Vienna Dimension Strings: Produktbewertung von Hesam Seyed Mousavi (content in English)

"Vienna Dimension Strings"

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Vienna Dimension Strings has better bow change legato, portamento and too much better legato scripts than Hollywood Strings! It has true "Portamento: espressivo" that was not been truly implemented in Hollywood Strings. That is very important articulation and very useful for Middle East and Bollywood style songs and also for fast melodic songs. I'm a Hollywood Strings owner (diamond version), the color of the patch is superb and bow change legato is nice (except crossfade to portamento), but if you want to make cheap soundtracks without any harmony inside of each section!, going to buy Hollywood Strings. I do have the ability in Dimension Strings to change at will the level of vibrato by crossfading between non vibrato and vibrato patches.

The main advantage of the Dimension Strings, is that I can playing brutally forced fortissimo sound with short articulations that is key feature in fundamental principles of modern orchestration.

Why are they involved long time (4 years) with Dimension Strings?

VSL has invested a lot of effort to address these issues.

[(range x intervals from minor second to the octave x up/down x layers)] => range x 12 x 2 x layers
=> 24 samples per note for each layer (velocity)
=> 24 x 4 => 96 samples per note!
=> range x 96 => x samples per patch.

Hesam Seyed Mousavi