ProCo Sound Vintage RAT
ProCo Sound Vintage RAT
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iamqman 30/11/2011

ProCo Sound Vintage RAT: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)

"Round and Round!!!"

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The pro coat Rat pedal is what is his iconic distortion pedals that it's been one of the most legendary distortion sounds in all of rock history. Much like the boss pedals and even Ibanez tube screamer this pedal goes down as one of the most highly used most recognizable distortion pedals in the music industry. It's a very simple design that produces a nice gainy sound. This is a sound that is somewhat unique to itself and it doesn't really sound like any other distortion pedal that you've heard. It does capturing the gaining distortion you looking for but the voice is slightly different.


This pedal basically asked three control knobs. You get the distortion control, filter control, and volume control. It has the foot switch along with the inout and output plugs and that's pretty much about it. It's a very simple design and you won't be hard pressed to figure out the best sound in this pedal.


The tone of this pedal is quite unique but still falls under the nice gain distortion that you've heard from basically any other distortion pedal. It's a cool vintage unit and if you really like that legendary rat tone, and I'm not talking about the band, than this is the only pedal to achieve that with. It's a cool sound and it's good for boosting already overdriven amps such as a Marshall JCM 800. If you like Nuno Bettencourt than this is probably a pedal that you would want to invest in. Nuno use to use this pedal in front of a old Marshall JMP amplifier. So if you dig that sound than this is a cool pedal to own.


You can find these pedals for well under $100 used. I don't find that the vintage ones to sound any better than the new or ones so I suggest just by passing that whole idea of the vintage rat battle. There's a lot of hype that's involved with the vintage rat pedals and I don't suggest drinking the Kool-Aid on that. These are cool pedals but they're very unique to their sound so if you're not digging the sound but I suggest getting a boss pedal or in MXR distortion pedal.