Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer

JH-1 The Jackhammer, Verzerrung/Overdrive/Fuzz für Gitarre from Marshall in the Effects series.

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Heavyspender 23/04/2008

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer: Produktbewertung von Heavyspender (content in English)


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This is a straightforward overdrive/distortion pedal. It actually has a mode for both overdrive and distortion. I believe it is digital. It cannot be edit via computer. It has input and output, as well as connector for 9v/dc power supply. It is a floor pedal, so it is not rackable. It has volume, gain, treble, mid, bass, and frequency in stacked knobs.


General configuration is simple. Even though certain knobs are stacked on top of each other, it's not really hard to figure this unit out. This pedal can get a large range of sound or effects and editing is easy. I bought this used, so I don't have a manual. However, if you go on the Marshall website, it has some pretty cool presets that you can set up.


You can get some tones that are fairly close to several Marshall amp models with this unit. For distorted sounds, I have as much as put this through a Fender Twin, and it sounds huge and amazing. It's like having a Marshall amp with the purity and thumping low end of the Fender clean. The distortion mode on this pedal has a ton of bass to it, which I like for solos. However, in order to switch back to rhythm sounds, you would have to bend down and switch the mode to the overdrive mode, which is not very practical in a live setting. The same goes for switching from rhythm in the overdrive mode to playing a solo in the distortion mode. So basically, you need to have another distortion pedal or a dirty amp for playing rhythm, then kick on this pedal in the distortion mode. Or you have to use this pedal on the overdrive mode for rhythm, then have another pedal as a gain booster, such as a DOD YJM 368 when you go into a solo. So it's pretty impractical, when ideally, you should only need this pedal to switch between rhythm and soloing, and back. Since I have a multi-effects pedal as well as my DOD preamp/gain booster, this pedal only gets used for specific applications.


I have been using this pedal (less nowadays) since the beginning of this year. As I said before, I am a little turned off by the lack of functionality when switching between the two modes. However, I can't complain about the tone that comes out of this thing, as it is pure Marshall. I've played numerous distortion pedals both recently and over the course of my music career. I just think that Marshall is one of the best distortions out there, so why not get it in a pedal? In addition, I don't like the Marshall clean that much. So I get an amp with a very nice clean, and then I put this pedal through it to get that trademark Marshall distortion. I think what I paid for this unit is right on the money, no pun intended. The lack of functionality when switching between the two very different modes on this unit really turns me off, though. Especially since my multi-effect pedal can do Marshalls fairly well, I am just keeping this unit for posterity and authentic Marshall sound.