Blue Microphones Snowball
Blue Microphones Snowball

Snowball, USB microphone from Blue Microphones belonging to the Snowball model.

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moosers 01/03/2009

Blue Microphones Snowball: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Blue Microphones Snowball USB is a condenser microphone that has a capability of being sent via USB straight to your computer. This bypasses the audio interface and really eliminates the need for one if you are just trying to record one thing at a time with this microphone only. This is made for studio use only, as it designed for use with your computer. It has either an omni or cardioid in terms of polar pattern settings. It also comes with a mini stand that is great for putting on your desk.


I've been using the Blue Microphones Snowball USB mic for about a year and have found it useful for those who want a microphone that can connect straight to your computer via USB. It is perfect for those just looking to have a microphone that they can record ideas or single mic recordings. The sound quality of this microphone is surprisingly good considering how cheap it is and while I haven't used any other USB based microphones, I think it would be hard to find a mic that is as cheap as this one for what it does. I have used this microphone on everything from vocals to simply just recording a live performance with a single microphone. It is quick and easy to set up, which makes it perfect for getting down ideas. I have come to trust Blue Microphones to make high quality sounding microphones that are set a reasonable prices. This makes them viable for both the professional and amateur, but I would really just recommend this microphone to amateurs looking for a cheap way to record with a good sounding microphone without having to buy a whole recording rig. All in all, this is a great innovation from Blue Microphones and definitely is worthy of a try.