Roland UA-11 Duo-Capture
Roland UA-11 Duo-Capture

UA-11 Duo-Capture, USB audio interface from Roland in the UA series.

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stompboxjon 14/03/2013

Roland UA-11 Duo-Capture: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"This interface was not made to last a very long time"

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The Roland Duo Capture is a use interface that is very affordable and easy to set up with a computer. It will work with a PC or a Mac. This interface will record audio at rates of 44.1 and 48 kHz at 24- bit. There are two different inputs on the front of this unit for easy access and direct inputs.


This interface is very small and convenient for any musician that likes to travel and record on the go. There is no power supply for it being that it gets its power from the USB input. There is a line in jack, mic and guitar jack ¼, a stereo ¼ input and a phones line out jack. This interface is not very “heavy duty” and I do not think it can hold up for a long time but for the time being it will sound great. It is affordable and will work with any computer.


It does come with a version of CakeWalk which it works with effortlessly because there really are not any drivers to worry about installing. I would not bank on this interface being my only interface or go to interface. It was only used as a back up portable interface for us and it really never got used that much. I think I used it the first time that I got it and maybe one other time. Since then it has been in a gig bag and never used again. Hopefully it still works great after sitting around for all of that time.


This interface is made out of plastic, if you are looking for something a little more stable and better made I would not get this interface. It looks and feels very cheap like most interfaces fewer than 100 dollars do. If I could do it all over gain I would not have purchased it because I never really use it and I have so many interfaces that are similar to this one.