PreSonus AudioBox USB
PreSonus AudioBox USB

AudioBox USB, USB audio interface from PreSonus in the Audiobox series.

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stompboxjon 14/03/2013

PreSonus AudioBox USB: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Did not expect a lot out of this interface"

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I have used the PreSonus AudioBox USB for many small projects and not that it sounds bad, it is about as good as you are going to get in this price range. I have tried a few different microphones with this interface and none of them really out shined another one. The preamps in this mic are what concerned me the most because they seemed to be very noisy and they did color my sound. Now I didn’t expect to get studio quality with this interface but I didn’t expect to get a cleaner recording.


This interface is built very well though and is made out of solid material and the knobs on the face of the unit are made well and not out of plastic and they will not break off or “stick” easily. This interface is only a 2 in and 2 out interface that has 2 preamps, 2 ¼ outputs, MIDI in and MIDI out and it comes with recording software (Studio One).


It was very easy to set up, and working with it in Studio One was very simple and easy though I didn’t like that recording program much at the time because I felt like adding effects didn’t seem as fluid as they do in other DAW’s.


This interface is very affordable though and will get the job done, you will get an “ok” quality recording with it in your home/bedroom but I wouldn’t take it any farther than that. It will get your Demo quality at best and depending on your skills as an engineer you will need to really use some EQ’ing techniques in your DAW and boost some of the high end frequencies and cut a lot of lows to get a cleaner sound out of it. But at this price point it would be great for a first time home musician.