M-Audio Fast Track C600
M-Audio Fast Track C600

Fast Track C600, USB audio interface from M-Audio in the Fast Track series.

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mrjason 06/02/2013

M-Audio Fast Track C600: Produktbewertung von mrjason (content in English)

"Comes with Pro Tools SE"

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I just recently had the chance to use this interface made by M-Audio. It is the Fast Track C600 and it looks nothing like any of the previous “Fast Track” models that they have made over the years. This interface is pretty thin/small and it is made for more of a tabletop style use because when you lay it flat all of the knobs are on the face of it facing straight up. This interface comes with Pro Tools SE which is easy to work with and using this interface with any other DAW is just as easy because I have used it with Cubase, Ableton and Reason just recently. I have not seen any issues with this interface.


Installing the drivers only takes a few minutes and I have not seen any updates for this device. There are reverb and delay effects right on this interface. For me that is a huge plus because that allows me to save some of my CPU because I do not have to run reverbs and delays on those audio signals coming in; that is a great way to save some CPU for later on.


Pro Tools SE is a really good DAW to work with and I am very happy that it came with this interface. Even though it is only the SE version it still gives over 100 VST instruments and a bunch of effects to add to your mixer tracks. You can even have up to 24 audio and VST tracks, but that will would not hold long for me because a lot of my instrumentals alone have more than 24 tracks so that is why I just purchased the full version of Pro Tools so I can have unlimited tracks and a lot more effects.


This interface is sleek and worth the buy. It fits perfectly on my desktop surface and it is very portable. It can work great in Reason and Logic (on Macs) too!