M-Audio Jamlab
M-Audio Jamlab

Jamlab, USB audio interface from M-Audio.

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Heavyspender 23/04/2008

M-Audio Jamlab: Produktbewertung von Heavyspender (content in English)


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I wanted to start putting together a small personal computer recording studio at home. So I thought this would be the centerpiece or at least the starting point of my system as it is a computer interface for your guitar to go right into the computer. I bought it with the expectation of being able to use the unit and the included software on both my laptop and my desktop computers. I only have an electric 6-string right now, but I can also put an electric bass guitar through it as well, among other things. Simple single input. Also has a output for either headphones or computer speakers/monitors.


Installing was pretty easy. Just followed the prompts, and the install went well. I don't believe there were compatibility issues at SETUP. The general configuration of this unit is simple and the manual is clear and sufficient.


The drivers appear to be stable. I don't have any reason yet to think otherwise. I have never had the drivers updated, so I cannot address that. I use the included gt-express software, which provides virtual floor pedals and effects. The software also has a virtual rackmount function which has built in drum loops that you can design, put together and loop while you play the virtual guitar sounds. You can also load mp3's of your favorite songs, or sample drum loops from pro tools that are included, so you can play along. The latency is not completely horrible, but it's bad enough that this unit is not sufficient to fill my recording needs. There is no recording software included with this package. There is a recording feature on one of the rackmounts, but it's only one track at a time, and you can't record the drum loops or accompaniments with it.


I've only had this unit for a couple of weeks. The virtual effects have some pretty cool settings. Unfortunately, that is where the pros stop. As I said, the latency is bad enough that I would not keep this unit and it's going back to Musician's Friend fairly soon. To top it off, the software kills your sustain, so as soon as you pluck a string, the sound starts to cut out to non-existence almost immediately. When you go to record it on your own recording software, the output comes out completely dry, i.e. none of the effects transfer on to your recording software. And even if you don't mind a track being clean, you can't save the track in a format that you can export to anyone else unless they also have a jamlab interface unit ! Then, the feature that I like best about this unit, which is the drum loop capability, can't be recorded onto my recording software either ! I guess I got what I paid for, which was only $30. Because of the nature of the product, I was not able to test drive alternate models. So I bought a line 6 toneport, which I hope turns out better, and this unit is going back to the store.