Lexicon Alpha
Lexicon Alpha

Alpha, USB audio interface from Lexicon.

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stompboxjon 24/10/2012

Lexicon Alpha: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"Alpha vs the Omega"

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¬ It seems like the Lexicon Alpha has been out forever, though I have only been using it since 2010. You can buy one of these brand new for 60 dollars, it cost almost double that when it first came out. It is a simple USB interface that is 2 in and 2 out with 1 mic preamp. I have used this interface with Cubase mostly. It has never given me any compatibility issues or troubles with my computer. It comes with a copy of Cubase LE and a Lexicon VST reverb plug in called Pantheon which has some really good effects.


The preamp in this interface is much better than the Lexicon Omegas preamp. This is surprising because the Omega cost more than the Alpha. The Lexicon Alpha has a preamp that is very quiet and sounds great. This interface will work great for you if you only plan on recording 1 track at a time, if you plan on recording more then you need to invest some more money and get a better interface.


The Lexicon Alpha is not built very strong so be very careful with it, you really don’t want to throw away your 60 dollar investment. But since it is only 60 dollars you really can’t expect to get a unit that is made with metal casters and stronger material. The latency with the Lexicon Alpha is decent, but it is a lot lower on the Omega. That is where the Omega is better than the Alpha, because the latency with the Alpha can get really bad sometimes.


All of the basic functions of the Alpha are easy to use, setting it up was easy and using it was a breeze. The only downfall of it is the latency issues can really mess up your session and workflow. So if it comes down to a final decision I say go with the Omega. The Omega may have a louder preamp but the latency is lower.