Avid Mbox 3 Mini
Avid Mbox 3 Mini

Mbox 3 Mini, USB audio interface from Avid in the Mbox series.

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johnrae 12/03/2013

Avid Mbox 3 Mini: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)

"Amazing, worth every cent"

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The Mbox 3 Mini is a mid level, high quality 2x2 audio recording interface for musicians. It's got a very compact and accessible design, and is really easy to use. The computer I run this on is a current gen i7 3570k with an AsRock mother board, 16 gigabytes of ram and an ATI 7850 graphics card. This thing runs like a charm, and I've never had any latency issues with it or anything. The sound quality is very high, especially considering the price, and the build is phenomenal. The Mbox 3 mini features 2 x 2 Simultaneous channels of I/O, one XLR mic/line combo inputs with professional-grade mic preamps and 48V phantom power, two 1/4" DI inputs on front panel for easy access, two balanced 1/4" monitor outputs, one 1/4" stereo headphone output with volume control, a mix control for low-latency monitoring and a dedicated monitor volume knob.


The drivers are completely stable, and always up to date and working perfectly. It records 2 tracks simultaneously with no problems whatsoever, and I've never had an issue with latency. I usually run it into Steinberg's Cubase 5 software, but I've used it with the same level of success with Avid's Protools, Ableton's Live and Apple's Logic Pro. Even with a high number of tracks running and audio effects and processing, I've yet to encounter any issues with lockups or latency. So far the performance has been phenomenal.


Installation was simple and easy. All I had to do was connect the device and install the drivers. Previous versions of the Mbox had issues working in DAW's besides Protools, but this one works in everything I've thrown at it so far. Ableton, Cubase, Logic, whatever, this thing works like a charm. Plus it barely takes up any real estate in my workspace.


Overall, the Mbox 3 mini is a great piece of work. Going back, I definitely would have bought it again, in fact I would've bought two knowing what I know. The price is decent and the product is great, and that's the bottom line.