Avid Mbox 3 Mini
Avid Mbox 3 Mini

Mbox 3 Mini, USB audio interface from Avid in the Mbox series.

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stompboxjon 24/10/2012

Avid Mbox 3 Mini: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"difficulties when using with other programs"

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The Avid MBox Mini 3 is a 4 channel USB interface that has 2 built in mic preamps. It comes with Pro Tools software, but it is the express version and not the full version of Pro Tools. You can purchase the Avid MBox 3 Mini for 375 dollars which is a very fair price because you not only get a great interface but you get the basic/express version of Pro Tools as well, which is great because it will give you a great foundation for learning Pro Tools so that when you get into a big studio or upgrade your set up and get the full version of Pro Tools you will already have some understanding of it.


The interface is very simple to install, and because it is built around Pro Tools it will work great with it. You can however, use this interface with other software programs and different DAW applications but they may make you jump through some loops to get it to work properly. I had a heck of a time trying to get this MBox Mini 3 to work with Sonar.


You can record simultaneously 4 channels at a time, and as a bonus this interface does have a guitar tuner built in to it. When you purchase Avid MBox Mini 3 it will tell you how easy it is to set up in Logic, Live, Cubase and others but to me in my experience that is not the case. It does take more effort and understand how to get this interface to work with these programs.


The interface is very well built, I would not say it is very portable though because it was bigger than expected. It does have MIDI in and out as well as Phantom Power. This unit cannot be racked nor is it portable which caused some issues for us.