Sound City L.120
Sound City L.120

L.120, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Sound City.

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James... 26/02/2012

Sound City L.120: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"Old but good"

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1971 English made L-120 (seems to be all original, including the factory tubes). Has 6 inputs on face, headphone jack, and "active" EQ? No channel switching, but you can bridge th2 together (like a Plexi). No effects loop. This is a mark 4 L-120, and resembles a Hiwatt DR-103


It suits my needs just fine. Not as loud as you would think, but this is good since I don't actually need all that wattage. No manual. learned to use it myself. It's not a hard amp to dial in.


I remember the seventies (whoops), and I recall these things being extremely LOUD! I also remember seeing Hendrix, Page, Rick Neilson, Nugent, and a host of others (Leslie West not withstanding), cranking away on this particular head, (all using different bottoms). Surprizingly, this thing is reletively quiet for an old class A amp. I have tried a 57 Black Beauty, and a Gallagher strat through it, and (GOD I hate to say this), sounds a little edgier than my Plexis. Try to immagine a cross between a Marshall(brutally loud), a Hiwatt (clean with headroom to spare), and a Fender Bandmaster (good ole rythem machine). There you have it. It has an active EQ, and is very sensitive, but the presence control is fucking useless! Like a Plexi, (but to even a greater degree), this thing doesnt distort or break up at all till you hit the stratosphere! Hey, with todays pedals...a non-issue.


Like having a Hiwatt, a Marshall, and a Bandmaster all in one, with the ability to switch tones, and cripple eardrums all in one neat package. You really dont see these every day anymore, but Ill be keeping my eyes open. The price is right and youre getting a monster.