Jet City Amplification JCA22H

JCA22H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Jet City Amplification.

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SonicPulverizer 24/09/2012

Jet City Amplification JCA22H: Produktbewertung von SonicPulverizer (content in English)

"Great update to the line"

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The Jet City JCA22h is an excellent response to player needs. The original JCA20h offered wonderful value by taking soldano designed circuits and sourcing less expensive components to build them. The JCA22h adds a second channel that can be foot switched between. The two channels share a global EQ and presence control but have separate preamp gain controls as well as separate master volumes. A Tube buffered effects loop is present. A duo of el84's power the amp and give it a great tone. I must say, I've been a fan of the "333" branding on the grill of the amp. The sounds make it easy to forgive the aesthetics though.


The additional channel makes it easy to set up rhythm and lead sounds independent of one another. The responsiveness of the amp to your guitar's volume makes it even more versatile. You could easily go from very clean sounds to various degrees of gain without much footwork involved. The construction seems plenty solid. I've never had the chance to gig the Jet City but it seems plenty loud enough for that sort of environment.


I played through the Jet City JCA22h with a Gibson Tweedy SG. Mesa 4x12. No effects.

The cleans are very pretty. The amp could benefit from time based effects (reverb and delay) but overall the sounds are plenty useable, leaps and bounds greater than the pre-2010 rectifier amps for example. The mid gain sounds are very soldano-like. Much like the Astroverb I played previously, the amp can cop Thin Lizzy gain tones perfectly. The high gain sounds are no slouch but one might feel inclined to boost the amp. I personally feel the amp is fully capable for heavier styles, but the amp is lacking the low end that some metal players might expect.


The Jet City JCA22h is a greatly versatile, inexpensive amp that offers sounds that you typically would not see from an amp in the sub $1000 price point. The additional channel makes the amp more gig-friendly. My only complaint is the look of the amp, but the sound quality outweigh this shortcoming greatly. If you can, try out the soldano Astroverb-- A used model can be had for a few hundred more than the Jet city and might better satisfy those in the market for a low wattage head.