Hughes & Kettner Warp X

Warp X, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Hughes & Kettner in the Warp series.

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iamqman 17/07/2011

Hughes & Kettner Warp X: Produktbewertung von iamqman (content in English)


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Hughes and Kettner have some of the best sounding amplifiers on the planet. This a German company who designs high quality guitar amps for touring musicians and the average consumer. This guitar amp features two channels for dedicated for the cleans and one for the distortion channel.

This has great fluid distortion tone with the flick of the switch. The clean s are equally as amazing and sound very authentic.


Preamp: All-tube: 12AX7/ECC83

Channels: Clean & Warp

Preamp Controls: Clean Section: Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble, Lube, Presence, Sub Warp: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble. Presence, Master

FX Loop: Parallel/Serial/-10dB

Connectors: Input, FX Send, FX Return, Footswitch, Speaker: 1x4, 1x8/2x16, 1x16 Ohm

Power Amp: All-tube: 4 x 6L6

Power Output: 120 watts

Stageboard: included

Stageboard Controls: Channel Switching

Weight in kg: 20.5

Dimensions in mm: 650 x 250 x 250

Special Features: MIDI Option, MIDI switchable Serial/Parallel FX Loop, MIDI switchable Push Controls, MIDI Learn, FX On for each Channel

Optional Accessories: MSM-1 MIDI Modul


This amp has a fantastic clean channel. You get a nice sparkly clean that has a nice presence control knob that allows the shimmy to come through and not affect the distortion channel. This is the best feature in my opinion on this amp You get two presence control knobs which allows you to turn the clean one up so that you get more shimmer and sparkle and then have a totally separate presence control knob for the distortion channel. This allows you to have you highs to have more under your control for each channel.

The gain channel is supreme mega ultra gain. With the flick of the lube switch you get the tone to smooth out more and be better for lead playing. This allows you to play more fluidly with lead lines. One cool feature that I have never seen on an amp.


At new these amps come in right at around $1999. Not a bad price out all for a very controllable amp that has two equally great channels. I would recommend this to the drop tuning players who need multiple channels or someone who likes the voicing of this amp or just the nu-metal type voicing. Greta priced amp for what yo get.