Diezel Herbert
Diezel Herbert

Herbert, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Diezel.

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James... 25/02/2012

Diezel Herbert: Produktbewertung von James... (content in English)

"It's like a vh4 but not really...or is it?"

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Model: Herbert
Output: 180 W
Channels: 3, with second master and mid-cut up to 6 voicings
Loops: 1 parallel, 1 insert loops, 1 switchable insert loop midi in & thru / phantom - power
Equalization: gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel add. gain switch on Channel 2 switchable mid. cut with adjustable volume
Preamp: 3 individually voiced, all tube pre- amps. Clean, crunch, lead
Poweramp: 6-tube power amp section. Recommended: EL34BHT, 6L6GC. Pairwise mixings possible, pairwise bias control
Dimensions: 74x29x28 cm


The general idea behind the herbert is that it's a vh4 with a less tight and more forgiving voicing. I had a vh4 years ago and I found it a little too "metal" sounding for my tastes in the voicing, so I was one of the first to try a herbert. The layour of the herbert is fairly simple. 3 channels, no big surprises. It does have a global mid cut feature that I honestly never use since I happen to like my mids. I suppose you could leave it on all the time and turn it off for solos? Not sure if that's how it was intended to be used. The effects loop is great, and for the price it better be. With my herbert I used an eventide eclipse along with a line 5 echo pro in the loop.

These amps are bulletproof, and I'm the kind of guy who won't buy a brand's stuff again after something goes down on me. With all the wiring in these, Diezel wouldn't be around long if their amps were going down on everybody. If you take care of it, then it will take care of you.


I have all El34's in mine. That's just my preference. I like the extra mids they give me. The clean channel is somewhere in the Fender blackface/Hiwatt clean realm. I think the EL34's give it a little more hiwatt and less fender hollowness. It's not going to sound better than a good blackface original or even an original hiwatt, but it's better than a lot of channel switchers.

Channel 2 is where I spend most of my time. Serious range of gain when you use the guitar volume knob. You can go from plexi crunch to jcm800 roar to a high gain hair metal destruction. Probably one of my favorite channels from any amp ever. This channel alone would make for a great amp. AHEM

Channel 3 is basically your soloing channel. It starts at mesa rectifier territory and from there goes to some scary places. You heavy metal and noise metal...etc guys will know what I mean when I say "ridiculous amount of gain." It's a pretty versatile channel for voicing.


I ultimately got rid of my herbert because I rarely need to use all 3 channels. I have discovered I am more of a 2 channel guy, and most of my 3 to 4 channel amps have been removed from the collection. That's not to say this is a bad amp. It's a great amp actually. More for the guy who needs to cover a ton of bases though.