Randall RM100 Combo
Randall RM100 Combo

RM100 Combo , Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Randall.

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Mattfig 11/06/2012

Randall RM100 Combo : Produktbewertung von Mattfig (content in English)

"Killer Amp loaded with options!!!"

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This is a Randall tube amp. It has spots for 4 power tubes. You can load in two pairs of your fave tubes (whether it be 6L6, EL34, 6550, KT77, KT88, 6CA7) and bias each tube individually taking away the need for professional bias adjustment and allowing you to buy tubes that need not be matched. It can push 100 watts of tube power. It also has 3 preamp tubes (input, phase inverter, and loop buffer) and spots for 3 different MTS modules (anything from Marshall, Fender, Mesa, Orange, etc) which each contain 2 preamp tubes as well. Controls are effects blend, presence and depth controls, as well as main volume. Each module also has gain, volume, and EQ controls. Comes with a MIDI footswitch to select any of the 3 modules.


You can get ANY sound you want from this amp. It all boils down to which modules you want to use. There are 16+ modules available from Randall, another 15+ available from Egnater (MTS designer and manufacturer- Randall just "borrows" Bruce's concept with permission) as well as countless modules available through private modders. In my RM100 I have a Figmods Clean, a Salvation Mods Camerock (Cameron CCV) and a Salvation Mods MarkUS (Mesa Mark IV). At any point I could switch them out to make any combo of preamps I want.
The manual is quite good offering bias instructions and simple directions to help you use the amp to its fullest potential.
This amp can be very loud and as a bonus, you can remove one set of tubes to reduce the output to 50 Watts.


I use single coils and humbuckers with no issues whatsoever. Depending on the modules you choose, you can have any setup you like. My tweed module sounds awesome with my Strat as well as my Paul. This amp is the most versatile amp I've ever owned or played. It sounds better than most I've ever heard.

My fave stock tones come from the following Randall modules.
SL+ = Marshall JCM800
Plexi = Marshall Plexi
Grail = Mesa Recto
Tweed = Fender Tweed

Then, my favortite modded modules are:
Jaded Faith -
Super Clean = Clean
PlexiTweed = Plexi/tweed combo
SL-OD100 - SLO100
EVH Trilogy = All 3 5150 mods available

Salvation Mods-
Mashall+ = All things Marshall JCM, JTM, Plexi
Mamba - Framus Cobra

The only drawbacks to this amp are as follows:
* It's heavy - over 81 lbs
* It doesn't include any modules and they can get pretty expensive = Anywhere from 100 - 550 USD

This amp can deliver crisp cleans through brutal distortion.


I love the versatility of this amp. It is ALL TUBE so it's not a POD or a modeler. The sounds are not just close, they are dead-on in most cases. For under a grand you can have an amp that features 3 of your fave tones without compromise. Sure it's a significant expense to start, but no other amp can offer what this amp does. A great value nonetheless.

I also own several other MTS amps and all are awesome but the RM100 is the king!

I am in the process of collecting many MTS amps so I can't recommend this more. Simply the greatest, most versatile amp ever made. From beginner to touring pro- this amp has you covered. Collect MTS modules to increase your tonal options.

I've tried Spider Valves, Tonelabs, PODs, etc. They all sound like modelers to me- some better than others. The MTS amps sound just like the real thing - all tubes a;; the time!

I can't say enough about this beast.