Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]
Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]

JTM622 [1995-1997], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JTM60 series.

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RickD 24/04/2008

Marshall JTM622 [1995-1997]: Produktbewertung von RickD (content in English)


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- What type of amplification (Tube,transistor,...)?
Analogue, tube.

- How much power is delivered?
60 Watts RMS, through 2 x Celestion 12" speakers.

- What connection types are there?
Input on the front. 2 loops on the back: parallel & serial. Direct out, speaker out for an optional cabinet (i have the 4 x 10") .

- What are the setting controls, effects?...
Clean channel & distortion channel, operated by provided 1 button footswitch or button on front panel.
Each channel has gain, volume, 3 band EQ and reverb.
Master volume is common to both. Effects mix knob for parallel FX loop.
Presence knob on the back.

Weighs about 24 kg so beware it WILL rip your arm out of its socket.
Also, beware this is so loud that it will rattle the handle off if played loud enough long enough...well, it might. It did on mine, and i only recorded one song with it on 10/10.


- Is the general configuration/setup simple?

- Can you easily get a good sound?
Yes. The EQ is not very powerful so it's actually easier to get a good sound than on a model with a more powerful EQ, cos you can't quite so wrong. ;-)
The reverb is nice.

- Is the manual clear and sufficient?...
To do make manuals for amps?


- Does it suit your style of music?
I'm not into metal, so yeah. You can get pretty much anything out of this except extremely clean or extremely wild. Some nice jazzy sounds, and great on rick with the distortion on 5 or 7.
This sounds British & 70's i think.

- With what guitar(s)/bass(es) or effect(s) do you use it?
Godin LGX, sometimes with Ibanez Tube King compressor or distortion.
The compressor alone is enough to boost this real well and you can get some impressive sustain for those Gary Moore solos...

- What kind of sound do you get out of it and with what settings ("clear", "heavy",....)?
Depending on the guitar settings & amp settings, you can get close to electro-acoustic or jazzy or dirty on the clean channel, and anything from crunch to good old rock on the other channel.

- What are your favorite sounds and/or the ones you hate?
Don't hate any sounds on this! Most of the time it's quite good, really. It's not high-class, but one would expect worse given the fact it is nothing more than a cheap tube amp.


- For how long have you been using it?
About 8 years.

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
It has a sound of its own & its warm. For that alone i am very reluctant to ever sell this.
I believe that some bands would be jealous of the sound you can get with this thing if you recorded it properly.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
I tried the other tube amps that came out at the time: the Fender Blues Deluxe, the Fender Hot Rod, and a Peavet tweed something. This was by far the best. The Fender ones were both horrible, bass out of control and muddy sound. The Peavey was close but it was a 1 x 12" speaker and just didn't match the body on this one.

To get something better you needed to spend twice as much and go for a vintage Fender or Marshall.

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
I paid a good price: 4100 Francs (£410 at the time / 615 €).
I added the 4 x 10" cabinet for 2400 Francs (£240 / 360 €).
Not exactly cheap but for that you have a tall wide tube wall with quite a range and enough power to play in most places.

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?...
I have never regretted getting it and it's provided quite a lot of satisfaction.
I would never sell this for less than i paid and i would be very very reluctant to anyway. I would also try many many other amps before replacing it.