Egnater Rebel 30-112
Egnater Rebel 30-112

Rebel 30-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Egnater.

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PurposeToMelody 22/03/2011

Egnater Rebel 30-112: Produktbewertung von PurposeToMelody (content in English)


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Egnater Rebel-30 112 1x12 30W Tube Combo Guitar Amp Features:

* 30-Watt All-Tube 1 x 12" Combo
* Variable Wattage Control From 1w to 30w On Each Channel
* Tube Mix Blends 6V6 and EL84 Power Tubes
* Clean Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble
* Overdrive Channel: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble
* Tight and Bright Voicing Switches On Each Channel
* Individual Reverb Level for Each Channel with "Spillover"
* Footswitch for Channel Select and Reverb On/Off
* Buffered Effects Loop
* Balanced XLR / ¼" Cabinet Voiced Line / Recording Output
* Speaker Mute Mode for Silent Recording
* Egnater Elite-80 Speaker by Celestion
* 100V / 115V / 230V Voltage Selector
* Heavy Duty Cover Included
o 5 x 12AX7
o 2 x 6V6
o 2 x EL8
Dimensions: 19"(L) x 13" (W) x 15" (H)
* Weight: 40 lbs


Pretty simple and straightforward, it might need a quick readthrough of the manual to really get how it works though, but past some "unfamiliar" knobs its pretty east to use and you can pretty much plug and play if you don't know how to use it even.


I really enjoyed this amp, Played it with a PRS Single Cut. really loved how it sounded, a tad on the dark side the Overdrive was GREAT very versatile and super easy to dial in. You could get anything from old clapton (very easy to get) all the way up to metallica levels of gain if you so wanted and it did it all WELL. maybe not amazing but definitely very well, I'd recommend it over the Tiny Terror personally, as its more of a gigging amp

The cleans are not anything amazing, but on the 6L6 side it does some passable american tones with a strat and I i really did like the slightly dirty tones on that side also

As I said I really enjoyed playing this amp it was actually fun to play. and I highly suggest playing it if you get the chance.


Overall I say if you want a small gigging amp do it, its super versatile and easy to use. AND it sounds GREAT I highly recommend it. Be sure to try it out first though!