Seventh Circle Audio T15

T15, Transistor-Vorverstärker from Seventh Circle Audio.

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moosers 21/12/2011

Seventh Circle Audio T15: Produktbewertung von moosers (content in English)


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The Seventh Circle Audio T15 is build it yourself module designed for Seventh Circle’s rack system. This will only be useful to you if you are planning on getting the Seventh Circle chassis which can hold up to 8 of these modules. Seventh Circle has a bunch of other modules to choose from so don’t think that the T15 is your only option. I’m not sure what the T15 is supposed to be a copy of, but it’s the cheapest module that Seventh Circle Audio has to offer.


I can’t speak to how easy or hard it is to build the Seventh Circle Audio T15 yourself, but it’s probably a good one to start on if you haven’t built any of them yet since it’s the cheapest and probably the simplest. All of the Seventh Circle Audio modules have the same controls once they are put together. This includes a gain knob and a finer trim gain control, as well as switches for phantom power and phase. A manual or some sort of instructions will of course be necessary if you’re planning on assembling the T15 yourself.


While the sound of the T15 doesn’t compare to the N72 (Neve), A12 (API), or C84 (Millennia) modules, it’s still a very clean and nice sounding preamp. Considering it’s half the price of these other modules too it’s nice to have another color in there even though it’s in the same vein as some of the others from Seventh Circle Audio, just cheaper.


While I do think that the Seventh Circle Audio T15 is a good place to start in building your preamps from Seventh Circle Audio since they are the cheapest, if you have experience building gear at all it’s still probably worth it to step it up and bit and start with a few of the more legit modules. The T15 sounds good for sure and the price is ridiculous, so you can’t really go wrong with it…