Flux :: Bitter Sweet II
Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

Bitter Sweet II, Software transient shaper from Flux ::.

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johnrae 11/05/2012

Flux :: Bitter Sweet II: Produktbewertung von johnrae (content in English)

"Get this, Get this, Get this!!!!!"

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Instillation went smooth on a Mac Mini OSX 10.4 running Ableton Live. Not a single hitch, ever. This is such a simple and genius device, and it works amazingly. I use this compressor to fatten up my kicks, snap my snares and give my basses some pump. I love how incredibly simple the operation is. You select a transient speed, slow, fast, medium and turn the center knob in the direction you want, left for fat, sweet thumps and right for salty, snappy cracks, and you can change the period for transient integration. Three controls, AMAZING sound. I can't believe this is thing is free, I would probably pay $10,000 dollars for this. Also, the three different transient processing modes, Main, Center and Stereo are AWESOME. The center and stereo modes make kicks and snares sound incredibly fat, or snappy, depending on how you turn the knob.


The performance of the Bittersweet is flawless. Absolutely reliable, low on CPU load, works great in any situation. I've probably used this on 50 tracks since I got it. I just love the way it sounds, and the simplicity is really nice, you don't have to fiddle with knobs or anything it's super easy. This is great for beginners, and experts, as it gives a great sound, and does it for you. This is hands down my go-to for drums, bass, and guitars.


This is my favorite compressor, ever. And the best part? It's FREE!!!!!!! I love it's simplicity, and functionality. Even if you don't think you'll use it, or don't know a thing about compressors, download this, I guarantee you will fall in love with it. The way it shapes your sound is very consistent and concrete, and it sounds incredible! This is absolutely a must have. Also, the aesthetics are very pleasing.