Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6

Guitar Pro 6, Tabulatur Editor from Arobas Music.

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JeffTadashi 07/05/2012

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 6: Produktbewertung von JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Great tool that keeps getting better"

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Guitar Pro 6 is the latest edition of the very successful guitar tabulature program. It's one of the few notation software made with the guitarist in mind. As a multi instrumentalist, I appreciate all of the classical elements of music notation available, and as a guitarist, I love all of the tab-based accents, such as slides, hammers, strums, chording, and even wah.

In the newest version, one of the biggest additions is the extensive selection of guitar amps, pedals, and other studio effects that can be used on the playback sound. Although very, very far from sounding real, and even far behind guitar amp emulation, it is a very useful tool, especially considering the guitar is totally synthesized. You may need some imagination to hear the heavier guitar tones, but a wonderful tool nonetheless. But with the wealth of classic amps, distortion pedals, compressions, and delays, Guitar Pro 6 brings something very new to the notation software table.


Guitar Pro has been a big of a resource hog in the past, on my older computers; I remember my old laptop struggling to play the guitar tones in real time without glitching and lagging. But I've had no problems with Guitar 6 on my current Windows 7 system. Playback timing is accurate, it doesn't glitch, and it is reasonably fast switching the playback on and off quickly.


Overall, this is a powerful tool that every guitarist and musician can use in some way. With flexibility to work with many instruments, including drums and piano, and with a staff and mixer interface that is relatively straightforward, it only takes a little musical knowledge to work your way though this program. And with Guitar Pro's smart guitar tabbing logic, it is always simple and easy to lay out guitar tabs.

I do wish there was a sustain function, for when I notate piano lines, and I do wish the guitar sounds were a little more realistic. But it has certainly never been easier to share tabs and guitar lines with all of my friends with this software.