Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5
Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5

Guitar Pro 5, Tabulatur Editor from Arobas Music.

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Dargor 29/07/2014

Arobas Music Guitar Pro 5: Produktbewertung von Dargor (content in English)

"Simple but powerful."

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There were no compatibility issues under Windows XP and 7.
It has the typical configuration setup like any other notation software, as well as a really easy setup. The only counterpart (for me at least) was the MIDI controller setup, since it never accepted my MIDI controller.
Nice user interface and easy to use, since it's really intuitive.


As regards stability, sometimes I had an issue about an error message coming up on the screen after a long usage, and not only a single window, but a hundred of them one after the other. This issue was partially solved after the 5.2 update, but kept showing an error message after using it for a long period of time (at least, it was just one windows instead of a hundred).
Another problem that I have, is that I cannot add more than 9 different instruments to the composition, because after the 10th it starts cloning all the instruments (by example, if after the 10th instrument, which is a church organ, I try to add a string ensemble, both of them will be a string ensemble and so on).


Even after all the problems I mentioned above, I can assure you that I won't replace this program with any other and worths every cent spent on it. It's really easy to use and let's you compose freely, altough it has some limitations since it's designed for guitar compositions, but there's always a turn around for such problem (for example, if you want to compose a piano score, you'll need to add two pianos, one for the right hand with the guitar tuning for the higher notes, and another one for the left hand with the bass tuning for the lower ones). Composing was never easier than now with this software, and I can asure you, that once you learn how to use it, you won't know how to work without it, specially if you work with MIDI.