Gemini DJ CDJ-700
Gemini DJ CDJ-700

CDJ-700, Tabletop DJ player from Gemini DJ.

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Lemark 16/09/2012

Gemini DJ CDJ-700: Produktbewertung von Lemark (content in English)

"Lots of bugs!!!"

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Im sure it is a good product, but in my case I've had lots of problems with them due to the dozens of bugs they have... I guess it is because they have a pretty old firmware (2.6.9) I also know there is the latest one (4.1) which might fix most of the bugs... the problem is I CAN'T update them... I've tried everything but they just wont read the .gci file required for the update... Im starting to wonder if my firmware is so old it doesn't have the option of being updated... is this possible?? Has anybody else have this problems?? Does anyone have my same firmware??
I appreciate an answer cause now Im not really satisfied with the product... Thank you