Novation Supernova IIR
Novation Supernova IIR

Supernova IIR, Synthesizer mit Analogem Modeling (Rackversion) from Novation in the Nova II series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Novation Supernova IIR: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Its got everything. Vocoder, Arpeggiator, pretty good filters, great effects. 8 part multitimberal which isnt a great deal, but is enough to get a song done IMO.

price paid: $700


Its pretty easy to use, ive had it for about a month or 2 now, but i pretty much had the hang of it after 2 or 3 days playing with it. The manual is ok, but confusing. I wish the Oscillator section was a little more self explanitory. every other section is top notch.

I will definitly gig it, tho if i had the choice id probably use the Keyboard version instead. seems to be a solid unit, tho i dont know how much of a beating a rackmount synth can take so i would take it easy on it. The buttons and knobs seem pretty solid, tho again i wouldnt risk being rough with it.


Pretty nice sounds, a little thin sometimes but with a little tweaking they can really rip. i would have liked a few more waveforms (it only has square, saw, double saw and noise) Sounds are nice and sharp and crisp. Has good filters and nice effects. It isa dance synth and would be perfect for trance or techno. And i cant forget how Awesome the arpeggiator and vocoder are! overall above average sound.


Its my baby. right now its at the center of my 'studio'. I would like to get a Nord Lead and/or an Access Virus to take its place, but it will be the main synth in all my projects for quite some time. I got this one for fairly cheap, so if it were lost or stolen i think i would spend what i would have on this on a Virus, tho i would be INCREDIBLY sad.

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