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FP User 01/11/2008

Novation A-Station: Produktbewertung von FP User (content in English)


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Has some killer features for a box in its price range. I'd like more filter types, though. The filter resonance gain adjustment is really nice - it won't help you model an oberheim or whatever, but it'll give you soem flexibility in how your resonance works. The basic FM makes for some nice effects, but it's a little wonky to use.

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Has lots of knobs. Many things are easy to grab and tweak in realtime. But...the rest of it is screwy. They crammed a lot of parameters into a 1U rack, so most knobs are dual-purpose and require you to flip a teeeny switch to adjust the otehr parameters. They tiny keypad isn't all that helpful either. And bafflingly, they have a 2-char LED display when most parameters have 0-127 values (and the patch bank numbers are 3-digit). It can be confusing if you don't know if you're on patch 136 or 236, or if your cutoff is at 120 or 20. The manual It's like most manuals.

It's a dense little box. It's bult pretty solid. I don't gig with it though, so I can't judge that.


Very beefy sound. The leads cut through a mix really well, and the basses can shake a room. The effects section is, predictably, a bit weak. Kill the effects and use something built for it.


Love. Love love. It's supplanted most of my other VA's in the studio. Just that warm squishy sound it has - really really nice.

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