Access Music Virus TI Snow
Access Music Virus TI Snow

Virus TI Snow, Synthesizer mit Analogem Modeling (Rackversion) from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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sw80 29/10/2012

Access Music Virus TI Snow: Produktbewertung von sw80 (content in English)

"It never gets old"

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The Access Virus TI Snow is a portable synth with a built in audio and MIDI interface. The first thing about this unit that I noticed besides the sounds of it is that it is very portable. I have not seen many desktop synths built this well and still be affordable and portable. If you have used the Virus TI then you know how well the sounds are. The Access Virus TI Snow has the same exact set of sounds as the Virus TI does. The Access Virus TI Snow even has the same software integration as the original Virus TI did. If you own the Virus TI then I would not buy the Access Virus TI Snow because you will pretty much be buying the exact same unit, so it would be a waste of money.


Setting up the Access Virus TI Snow can be easy or difficult depending how your set up is. The sounds on the TI Snow are just flat out amazing. For the price this could be the best sound set that you can get. The pads on the Access Virus TI Snow are by far some of the best pads that I have ever heard. Out of all of the synths that I have had like the Juno, Fantom, Motif, and a lot more that I have used. The Access Virus TI Snow still has the best pads and some of the best basses on the market.


The Access Virus TI Snow has over a thousand presets and you can even get thousands of patches online for free. There are 21 buttons and 6 knobs on the Access Virus TI Snow, these buttons and knobs make it easy to reach and edit the functions that you want to be changed. It comes with some effects like the flanger, chorus and phaser.


You will have everything you need with the Access Virus TI Snow to get some really great sounds in your music. You will never run out of ideas or sounds with the TI Snow.