Roland RH-A7
Roland RH-A7

RH-A7, Studiokopfhörer from Roland.

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stompboxjon 22/05/2012

Roland RH-A7: Produktbewertung von stompboxjon (content in English)

"they get loud"

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The Roland RH A7 headphones I purchased a while back when I was in search of a cheaper pair of studio headphones. I didn’t purchase them to really master my music in just more to listen to my music in while creating it because recording and mixing at home I cant play the music outloud on my monitors much because of my family and I don’t want to wake them because I do music late a lot.
But after using them more and more I really got to understand them, just meaning that I really became familiar with the sound that they produced. So I ended up doing some mastering in them which is something I never do. I never master in headphones just because headphones are good for that to me. But I was just so comfortable with the sound in these that I started mastering in them.

They provided a good master, not the “best” that I have every done but I need to get a good sample master to send off to some of my friends they will do the trick. Some of the low end can get a little mushy on them though and it was difficult to monitor just how much low end I should cut out of the master channel. But all in all I was satisfied with what they did for me. For a decent price that I was able to get this at I really couldn’t ask for much more. I have never really used them for anything but creating my own music so I can tell what they are like listening to music from an mp3 player. But im sure they will still give a good sound, they also get pretty loud almost too loud and at my age I don’t want to push my ear drums to the limit! I never really took them to the max and don’t plan on it.